Arnold Sports Film Festival

email me at RT @larasulianno: @ArnoldSports hi! How many days I must wait for letter confirmation? ThankSs

Thanks and same to you! RT @therajali: @ArnoldSports happy new year!

Er, NOW we go fellas. #tooexcitedtotype RT @animalpak: 62 days until the @ArnoldSports and……………………………….The Cage

RT @FitTeresaNicole: Missing out on Louisiana Creole (fattening) cooking for Xmas day..but I accept sacrifice to compete at @ArnoldSports

Yep RT @musclephone: According to @FLEX_Magazine Kai Greene is focusing on the Olympia & will not be in the @ArnoldSports #asf2012

Congrats to Rob Wilkins on his appointment as Personal Assistant to IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja. Rafael…

Check out the latest issue of Around The NPC & IFBB with JM Manion NPC News Magazine for blanket coverage of the…

A reminder to check out Arnold Schwarzenegger on Facebook. Great insight into the daily life of the Austrian Oak….

RT @jkidd16: @jessilver heck yeah girl! I’m doing the @ArnoldSports (amateur) too! 11 weeks baby!

Thanks to RPAC for the nice holiday card today. We always enjoy working with our partners at Ohio State. #ASF